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  • This year our attendance initiative is "Promise 180: Every School Day Counts."

    Help your Child Succeed in School!

    Did you know that:

    • Many absences, even in Kindergarten, can cause children to fall behind in school
    • Missing just a day or two every month can make it harder to learn to read by third grade
    • Students with too many absences struggle to catch up, even with take home assigments

    What can you do to help your child?

    • Develop a regular bedtime and morning routine
    • Help your child lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before
    • Avoid missing school unless your child is truly sick and seek help if chronic illness is a challenge
    • If you child is anxious about school, please talk to your child's teacher or administration for advice on how to make your child feel comfortable and excited about learning
    • Arrange medical appointments when school is not in session; however, if they do have an appointment take them but please return them to school
    • Avoid extended vacation when school is in session.

    Fremont promises to make sure Every School Day Counts when they are here.  We promise to make sure that our Warriors are provided a supportive learning environment with academic excellence.  We promise to educate them in a safe and nuturing environment.  Thank you again for always being part of our TEAM.  Together we can make a difference in your child's future!