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Mrs. Janice Vargas

Harvest Families,
The beginning of school always brings excitement, joy, some apprehension of new
peers and teacher but most importantly it is a time to set new challenges and set
goals. At Harvest our school theme is #kindness matters. We challenge our
Harvest community to be kind to each other and show the importance of how far
a kind gesture can go. Each child can make a difference, and it starts with a good
deed. Each child can also grow and achieve their goals by creating a plan. We all
have the potential to set our goals high and set out a plan to reach them. When
you sign up for a 5k race of a half marathon for the first time you are inspired to
start training, you have a goal in mind. You train by taking small steps. At first you
plan to walk a small distance and every time your body masters the new distance
you challenge your body with more. I use this analogy, because your child will be
expected to reach higher goals this year than the goals that they had last year.
Students will be challenged to create personal and academic goals with a plan to
achieve. A child learns to read by reading daily. I child masters the skill of playing
an instrument by practicing daily. A child can succeed in school by practicing their
daily lessons, reading, completing their homework, talking to parents about what
they learned in school and attending school every day. One day your child will
reach their goals and attend high school and then college, they will reach their
dreams. I look forward to partnering with you and meeting your family. At
Harvest myself and staff will help each child reach their full potential. Each child
can fulfil their dreams one step at a time. We look forward to teaching your child
every single day.

Janice Vargas