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     App can be downloaded on the phone. (FREE)

    INFO FROM: Epic can help empower your students to keep reading and learning at home during COVID-19 school closures.

    Share free Remote Student Access with parents through the end of the school year*, no credit card required. You'll be able to assign books and monitor class progress as students use Epic to learn from anywhere.

    We hope this helps share the joy of reading with your students from afar.

    If you have not signed up it's easy. You will get a class code that you can share with parents.



     App can be downloaded on the phone. (FREE) and on google

    Teachers are  free for one year. Parents are Free for 30 days. This is Great!!!! The words and pictures are on the screen.

    Audiable for Kids

     You can download the app, but I am not sure how to get the the Kids Audiable

    So I guess Google is best

    Free--studen will listen to book but NO PICTURES OR WORDS.




    Free, the books have words and pictures like someone is reading to them. You have to hit the English button to hear the reading. ALSO, you can change the narrator to Spanish too.



    This one is a DV fan favorite. When I watch on youtube captions were ON so I could see the words. This is great for modeling fluency and comprehension if you add questions. Teachers can send link to student through DOJO



    This is geared toward upgrade readers. You get a book and read it on line. You even turn pages. (student will have to set an account)



    This is free, but this is different they send the books to you or students. (as far as I can tell)


    Google  NOT the phone

    I can’t begin to tell you how LUCKY we are that our school has this. It's perfect for those students that are developing their reading skills. As a teacher you can follow their progress too.



    This is their free at home version. Check it out!! They have lessons already done. I think this is free to the end of June. They have the books with words and pictures so students can follow along.


    Not Sure

    how to get Free access for DV students