Superintendent's Message

  • Superintendent Rivera STUDENT ATTENDANCE MATTERS

    Dear Staff and Parents,

    The 2018-19 school year is off to a great start! Thank you to our students, parents, and staff for all your hard work and your dedication to our students. I am very pleased to report that our attendance rates are at an all-time high! In fact, we have already had several schools (Morningside, Terrace, Albany Park, Almond Tree, Nueva Vista and Fremont) that have achieved 100% attendance on one or more school days, which is an amazing accomplishment. Our District-wide attendance rate is close to 98%; this is much higher than the county or state average. Our students love to be in school, because it is a safe, happy, and exciting place to be; our parents want their children to be in school, because they know the value of education and they know that their neighborhood school really does care about their children; our staff works very hard to keep our students in school, and to help families to overcome challenges so that their children can be in school.  

    We are never satisfied until all of our students are in school. It always saddens us to see an empty chair, belonging to a student who did not come to school, and who is missing out on all the learning opportunities that happen while at school. When the missed days add up, it becomes very difficult for that child to keep up with their classmates and to have a positive connection with the school environment. Falling behind, feeling disconnected: this is when children become at risk; this is when children can make very bad choices that can impact the rest of their lives. That is not what we want for our children; that is not what our community needs. We want our children to be happy and successful in their adult lives; for the most part, we accomplish that by making one good decision at a time, and having the children in school is always a good decision!

    Our schools are promoting “Attendance Awareness.” Parents, please take some time to think about how you might improve school attendance for your children. There are no unimportant school days. Every day counts! At every school, for every age and grade level, every day counts! In many cases, just a small change here or there can make a big difference. We know that many parents are making great sacrifices and trying their very best to have their children in school, and we respect and honor these efforts. If you are having a hard time getting your children to school, let us know, so that we can help you. Schools and parents, working together, can accomplish amazing things!

    Rosalina Rivera