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March's Message

Good afternoon staff,


I realize that some of you may have concerns about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and about the flu and other health-related issues. We take the health and welfare of our students and staff very seriously. I convened a meeting yesterday with key District staff to discuss and determine how the District can be proactive and systematic in protecting our District family.  


At this time, we should all exercise personal responsibility and take these important steps to minimize the spread of germs and respiratory viruses. 

  1. Promote excellent hand hygiene - hand washing and using hand sanitizers. 
  2. Promote excellent respiratory hygiene - coughing and sneezing into shirt sleeve, handkerchief, or tissue. 
  3. Discourage students from touching their eyes, mouth, and nose with their hands - use tissue instead.

The District will be taking a number of proactive measures, including: 

  • Providing hand wipes to teachers 
  • Purchasing disinfecting machines
  • Making masks available for use with symptomatic students or staff as requested 
  • Purchasing and installing additional wall mounted hand sanitizer dispensers where needed  
  • Increased availability of tissue in offices and classrooms

We will continue to monitor circumstances closely. Further steps will be taken as appropriate. 


Linda Hinojosa, Director of Health Services, will be providing additional resources, information and instructions in a follow-up email. Please review these materials carefully.


As one team, working together, let's take care of ourselves and each other, with each of us taking an active role in achieving a safer and healthier school and workplace environment.   


Rosalina Rivera


"One Team, One Vision"