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Superintendent's Message - June

June 2020
There have been many difficult issues that have arrived with great intensity in the past few months. We have continued to live with COVID 19, and we have been powerfully reminded that civil rights remains an ongoing challenge for our country. I am confident that DUSD as an institution is committed to respecting each and every person regardless of background or circumstances, and I am confident that DUSD will continue to be one family that is united in our commitment to equal treatment and mutual understanding. 
Right now, at this time in our history, there is an undeniable need to seek out the voices of persons who differ from us in terms of race, gender, religion, orientation, or political views. We have been quarantined for reasons of public health, but we cannot quarantine our minds from the voices of the marginalized, the victims of systemic injustice, the people who hold political views that are different from ours. We need to engage with these voices on the most fundamental level, so that this moment will be truly transformative, and will truly move us - all of us - toward a more just and equitable nation. 
Let us be individually more humble, collectively more wise, and all together more determined than ever before to demonstrate justice and equity in our daily actions towards others. We must not allow this long-overdue moment to pass without summoning forth the best in ourselves.   
Rosalina Rivera, Superintendent
Delano Union School District
"One Team, One Vision"