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Dear Staff,

September is our annual "Attendance Awareness Month." I am very pleased to report that our attendance rates remain at an all-time high! Our District-wide attendance rate remains close to 98%; this is much higher than the county or state average. There are no unimportant school days. Every day counts! Every staff member makes a difference in creating a positive school culture.

Our students love to be in school, because it is a safe, happy, and exciting place to be. Our parents want their children to be in school, because they know the value of education and they know that their neighborhood school cares about their children. Our staff works very hard to keep our students in school, and to help families to overcome challenges so that their children can be in school.  

Let's work together and be "One Team" with "One Vision" for maintaining high attendance rates and providing an outstanding education for our children. 

Rosalina Rivera